Cadtracker is ground breaking indoor location technology!

Cadtracker works with wifi Cadtracker works wityhout GPS Cadtracker works without a signal Cadtracker works without additional power Cadtracker has less than 1 metre accuracy

CadTrackNav (UK), have developed The Cadtracker Personnel Tracking system that provides highly accurate geo-position location information for personnel deployed in areas where there is no GPS service.

The Cadtracker is a small, wearable, lightweight device that allow on-foot personnel to be tracked and located in both GPS and GPS- denied areas.

Very Rapid deployment with very limited infrastructure required

Use Cadtracker underground

For the Underground & Metro

Cadtracker is designed with efficient security real-time tracking of personnel particularly in mind and this is especially relevant for Underground/ Metro security and safety.

Cadtracker the Underground and Metro

For the Mining Industry

Cadtracker is designed with mine personal tracking and management in mind and provides essential real-time tracking of each and every miner wherever they may be within the complex sections of an active mine.

Use Cadtracker for security

For the Security Industry

Cadtracker is designed and ideally suited for the efficient real-time management of building security and visitor/ contractor co-ordination.

Cadtracker® is registered trademark of CADTrackNav(UK) Ltd.